Polish regulations do not guarantee full security of funds deposited in bank accounts, and expose them to risks, such as sudden blocking resulting from a clerical mistake. It only makes sense to transfer such funds to locations that minimise or eliminate such risks altogether.

Dowson Holdings offers professional aid in selecting the right jurisdictions for particular clients in order to ensure greater security of funds than in Poland and more secure banking secrecy, and to offer higher quality of banking services.

Switzerland and Liechtenstein are classic examples of such countries.


  • security that prevents the loss of liquidity, should the account be frozen for the duration of any explanatory proceedings resulting from doubts
  • top level of banking secrecy protected by law and stipulating high penalties for any breach
  • greater investment opportunities
  • highly qualified banking clerks who provide top quality service
Konto za granicą


Dowson Holdings offers advice in selecting the best location and bank, as well as agency in opening the most appropriate accounts. Dowson Holdings ensures quick, efficient and correct completion of all the necessary formalities, thereby saving our clients’ time.

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Konto za granicą
Konto za granicą


Stage 1

An analysis of the client’s profile and needs, as well as recommending the selection of a foreign bank that meets the investor’s business objectives.

Stage 2

Carrying out the compliance process on the client’s behalf in order to open a foreign account.

Stage 3

Opening an account and helping with cross-border transfers.