An offshore account is a bank account opened in a country other than the company’s seat. Offshore accounts are usually opened in countries that offer high level banking services, greater discretion, and security of the deposited funds.


Dowson Holdings offers help in opening offshore accounts only in jurisdictions trusted by investors, those that ensure anonymity and the security of the deposited capital.

The jurisdictions in which offshore accounts are opened are mostly tax havens that have favourable tax regulations and see the advantages of attracting foreign investors through a highly developed banking sector. They can be small island nations like Seychelles or Cayman Islands, or countries or dependent territories that have strong economies and stable legal and political situations like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, or Singapore.


  • anonymity of investors’ data
  • confidentiality of information regarding transactions and the capital involved
  • protection of funds against any seizure
Konto offshore


Dowson Holdings advisers offer their help to businesses interested in opening foreign accounts, involving advice with regards to selecting the most appropriate location and going through all the formalities necessary to open an account outside of Poland.

Dowson Holdings offers accounts only in selected banks that guarantee high level of security for data and funds.

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Konto offshore
Konto offshore


Stage 1

An analysis of client’s profile and needs, as well as recommending the selection of a bank that meets the investor’s business objectives.

Stage 2

Carrying out the compliance process on the client’s behalf in order to open a foreign account.

Stage 3

Opening an account and helping with cross-border transfers.