Dowson Holdings offers its clients help in selecting and implementing the most appropriate methods for tax optimisation, i.e. fully legal action aimed at lowering tax liabilities, or – in some cases – even reducing them to 0%.


  • lower tax costs
  • building a competitive advantage
  • greater business profit


The expertise and experience of Dowson Holdings tax advisers assure the accurate selection and operation of taxation vehicles for our clients.

As there are many countries that apply various methods for optimisation depending on particular types of business operations, Dowson Holdings offers advice both in selecting the location and method to guarantee maximum benefits to individual clients.

Proper application of well-selected methods for tax optimisation means greater profits for companies, more savings for company owners and employees, and broader perspectives for development. It also permits reducing prices for any goods or services offered, thereby building a competitive advantage. And all this is done in conformity with international regulations.

Optymalizacja podatkowa
Optymalizacja podatkowa


Dowson Holdings offers a broad range of solutions regarding the selection, as well as quick and effective implementation, of the method for the tax optimisation most appropriate for a given enterprise, such as registering a business in a country which has business-friendly tax regulations and which offers favourable provisions in its double taxation convention with Poland.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in reducing their tax burden are welcome to contact Dowson Holdings advisers.

Optymalizacja podatkowa


Stage 1 – Analysis

An analysis of the company’s current situation and needs in the form of consultations with lawyers, accountants and/or cash flow specialists, as well as a suggested optimisation structure.

Stage 2 – Structure implementation

Implementing an optimisation structure in accordance with the results of the analysis, and opening a bank account in a country which meets the client’s requirements.

Stage 3 – Structure settlement and maintenance

Annual settlement of the structure and investors, filing the relevant reports or financial statements.


Dowson Holdings’ reputation and the experience of its employees guarantee not only the selection of appropriate jurisdiction and method for optimisation, but also complete supervision over its implementation, as well as timely filing to relevant authorities of complete documentation, settlements, statements, and reports.