Given the today’s more and more complicated tax regulations, it is worthwhile to consider a change of your tax residence to ensure maximum confidentiality and financial advantages.

There are many ways to change your tax residence in conformity with international regulations so that investors do not have to pay excessive taxes in the countries where they operate or where they are nationals.


  • change of country whose tax regulations apply
  • lower or no income tax
  • confidentiality of information regarding your assets
  • protection against enforcement


Given the many ways to change your tax residence, Dowson Holdings offers comprehensive services, from choosing the country to which you can transfer your business centre to completing the documentation required by the relevant authorities and banks.

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Stage 1 – Analysis

An analysis of the company’s current situation and defining its business objectives, along with the opportunities for their attainment.

Stage 2 – Creating the structure

Preparing the necessary documentation and submitting it to the relevant authorities in the jurisdictions concerned so as to initiate the process of changing tax residence.

Stage 3 – Settling and maintaining the structure

Handing over all the documents in respect of the business’ new tax residence to the investor.


The reputation of Dowson Holdings and the experience of its employees guarantee not only the selection of the right jurisdiction and method for optimisation, but also complete supervision over its implementation, as well as timely filing of complete documentation, settlements, statements, and reports to relevant authorities.